by New Morning

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A loud 2-piece punk-ish band with macabre tendencies.
John Biz + Drums = New Morning

It's a near death experience, for the purpose of art and entertainment.

New Morning makes spirited poetic buzz pop. Dirty and raw, loud and electric. Pure evil. An accelerated guitar and drum duo driven by a madman: Brooklyn-born John Biz, aka Me. Howthehellareya?????

I write the songs. They're rock-pop-ish kinda tunes, but the sound is my own. It took years to get it right, and even now it's still its "beta stage," but I remember the moment I turned it on, and felt that electricity coming from my instrument. It was insane and deafening and completely euphoric. Guitar strings buzzing through all kinds of electronic circuitry, expanding and reacting, getting louder and more fucked up. It shook the walls. I was completely inspired.

The songs fell together real fast, like a sketch that catches form through gesture. I was introduced to a great drummer who went by the name Holiday. We played Bowery Ballroom as New Morning. After that, my good frient Brian Kantor played the next few shows with me, and is the drummer on the the majority of New Morning's debut, PureWhitEvilMoon.

As it goes, long-time Bowery Ballroom sound engineer Kenny Lienhardt liked what he heard at the first New Morning show, and we recorded it to textural 1" tape at his new studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's the perfect studio for where I am and what I do. I appreciate how he saw what I was doing and understood it. He helped me keep catch the raw live sound, dirty and real. I'm grateful for the whole thing.

The band is built to be flexible. It feeds on change and dangerous thrilling inspiration. It needs to destroy to further create. It needs to die to be reborn. That's how it works. The drummer is usually different but always really cool. I always try and scare 'em, but some of these cats have some serious balls. I like that. It's respectable.

I hope you dig, and if you do, please spread the word. Like us on facebook. Come to a show. Throw some high fives. It'll really be great to breathe some life into this thing.


released October 18, 2011

All Songs by John Biz
Copyright 2011
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all rights reserved


New Morning Brooklyn, New York

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